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In 2000 we started Equity International General trading which was The transformation to a new career with multiple businesses and Partnership with:

  • Fergo CRCC china. Construction company. 
  • Aykos&Saint-Gobain Construction company. 
  • Tapusa Construction company.
  • MTE Engineering  
  • Printed Gres, 3d ceramics decorate your spaces.Tramotana, Super Cars
  • Gentec (SA) P  Pharmaceutical Industries
  • ACX agencies and S.L multi garment Brands companies.

Our strategic plan has numerous initiatives across brands, regions.

That is designed to leverage our strength and make us more cost Efficient and fuel our sales.

Our mission is to keep expanding by moving our brands into new Geographies in the best retail opportunities and development. We differentiate ourselves by our creativity and we are consumer Inspired.