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The company is based in Costa Brava, north of Barcelona in Spain.
Over the past 5 years the company designed, developed, certified and manufactured a new car called Tramontana, a combination of Formula One racer parts and a design reminiscent of a jet fighter.
The Tramontana has passed the most demanding technical tests achieving the category of a “super car”.
It fulfilled all the European certification requirements for quality use on public roads.
The vehicle was first marketed and sold in 2010.


Protection, pleasure, exclusivity and style

Tramontana’s basic body work is made of carbon fiber and the suspensions are similar to those of a single seated Formula 1 Racer. It’s cutting edge technology is applied in every detail.
The car power unleashes up to 700/522 kw at 80.6.600 rpm and it goes from 0 to 100 km/h in less than 3 seconds and can reach over 350 km/h.
The design of the Tramontana is unparalleled.
The Tramontana’s engine may possess ten or twelve cylinders, always aligned in a “V” formation and in a central longitudinal position. The car has been detailed to achieve the best possible performance.